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You are working hard to get back on your feet after a brain injury.

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    “In Bounce Back, Vanessa Woodburn writes a clear guide for how to navigate the murky waters of healing from a concussion. She shares her personal story of a traumatic fall, living with a concussion, and post-concussion. She speaks of treatments and therapy, but more importantly of self-compassion. This book is both informative and inspiring.”

    — Laurie Powers

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    Are you trying to bounce back from a concussion?

    Your health care professional has diagnosed you with post-concussion syndrome and now everything feels like a roller coaster. Nothing in your life feels normal anymore. You worry that you are a different person now than you were before your incident and you wonder how this affects your family. You think, “Will this ever get better?”

    Bounce Back is for people who are searching for hope that it is possible to reclaim their lives after a concussion and unlock their potential for healing. Certified IIN™ health coach and author Vanessa Woodburn has successfully navigated the post-concussion experience.